Tidal Twinings 2009

zig zag weave willow shopper

zig zag weave willow shopper

Katherine recently attended Tidal Twinings 2009, the annual Fall basketry retreat of the Columbia Basin Basketry Guild held in Lincoln City, Oregon. She taught two classes: a one day round fruit or bread basket and a two day zig zag weave willow shopper class. She says that the weavers seem to enjoy the classes and completed some nice baskets. What did she bring back for me? Photos to crop, tweak, and upload into a couple of photo albums which you can view by following the links below.

Tidal Twinings 2009 Zig Zag Willow Shopper class
Tidal Twinings 2009 Willow Fruit Basket class

2 thoughts on “Tidal Twinings 2009

  1. I have seen the “zig-zag weave” on some Danish willow work. Is “zig-zag weave” the English term for this?
    Very beautiful basket – as usual.

    • I’ve called that weave “zig-zag” since I first saw it, and that’s how I’ve heard most willow basketmakers refer to it. It seemed to show up in many willow basketmakers work a few years ago. In my class in Oregon last weekend we were talking about it’s origins and some of those folks felt that it originated as a round reed basket weave.Where ever it started it’s a fun weave, but your materials do have to be perfect! Thanks for the compliments, Katherine

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