Grand champion

Grand Champion at the Puyallup Fair

Grand Champion at the Puyallup Fair

Katherine recently won the Grand Champion ribbon in the professional basket maker division of the home arts competitions at the Puyallup Fair, or officially the Western Washington Fair.  She won the blue ribbon in the wickerwork category and the overall winner. This year the fair ran from September 11-27 and had well over a million visitors. In recent years, entries in the basketry categories had been dropping; so members of the Northwest Basket Weavers Guild made an effort to encourage participation this year. Katherine was fortunate to have Vicky Nickelson transport her basket to and from the fair. In case weavers are interested, the basket was made from Salix purpurea ‘nana’.


3 thoughts on “Grand champion

  1. WOW, I love that!
    The Danish term for that technique is something like “roll weave” – what do you call it?

    • Katherine calls it rope coil or Celtic rope coil. She originally learned the weave in a class with Lise Bech in Scotland. Joe Hogan calls these ‘curly weave’ bowls.

  2. Thank you for the info. Lise Bech is a very Danish name, so curiously I looked at her web-site and added that to my favourite links. A very accomplished willow grower/weaver, artist.

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