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Dunbar Gardens sign

Dunbar Gardens has finally hung our shingle out on Facebook. We have created a page and are looking for “fans”. Katherine and I are already Facebook members, but the DG page just went up. I have already uploaded a photo album of willow baskets by Katherine. I aim to keep the page updated with our events and links. There is a discussion tab where I encourage people to post questions and experiences about growing basketry willows, willow basketry, and basketmakers. Our wall is open for contributions. So if you are using Facebook check us out at Dunbar Gardens.


One thought on “Facebook page

  1. Steve, Kathrine
    That’s so great. I really hope that there will be a lot of discussions – I find it hard to find other people around here that are interested in willow. I am a member of a Danish willow on-line discussion group and it is wonderful for a novice to be able to draw on more experienced people’s knowledge. I’ll sign up as a fan right away.

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