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Every few months Katherine gets a request for a bassinette. Usually the parents make the request during the pregnancy, so that the basket is there when needed. This one was made at the last minute, but came out quite lovely. This bassinette was ordered by a good friend as a thank you gift. It was ordered for a couple who had a very small baby girl born a little early. The friend figured that the baby would be able to use the basket for quite a few months so she went ahead and asked Katherine to make it. It was her thanks to the family for their helping hand to her own son who had moved near them for work. For a look at another bassinette see this earlier blog post: Bassinette.


5 thoughts on “Baby basket

    • Thanks Anita!
      I met your sister a couple weeks ago at a show I was at, it was nice to meet her.
      Hope to see you again before long…

  1. I am looking to purchase two willow baby baskets for my daughters, both due in November. Is this something you would be able to make for me?

    If so, could you please send dimensions and price information? Are there various colors available?

    Thank you for any info you would like to send.

    Darlene Sinclair

    • Hi Darlene.
      Thanks for your comment on our blog. Did you happen to look at our website also? There is a willow basket gallery page here: that has more info and photos.
      Bassinettes cost $275. We would have to know your location to give you an idea of shipping. They usually are sized to fit a 14” x 29” mattress. Yes Katherine could make two of these by November.
      Color preference is possible. The willows are all natural colors with variation so exact choices aren’t possible. Katherine prefers to make them with buff stakes and border so that she can control the size a little better when weaving. This is important if they are going to be shipped. Buff is the light brown peeled willow that you can see in the bassinette photos both on the blog and the website. You can get an idea of color range from other basket photos on the website.
      Thanks for your interest in Katherine’s baskets.

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