Edmonds Arts Festival

Katherine Lewis market display

Katherine will be participating in the Edmonds Arts Festival this weekend June 18-20. One of our area’s largest and best street fairs, it showcases the work of nearly 240 juried artists as well as a  wide range of musical entertainment, a wine bar and bistro, and kid’s activities. There are two areas for artists – the field and the plaza. Katherine will be in the plaza in the “traditional arts” area. You can find her spot on the festival map at space P5. She is hoping to have enough “elbow room” to be able to work on some weaving while there. Show and tell is one of the things that Katherine does best when she is at a show. (And hopefully keeps her from going crazy being away from the weaving room at home for three very long days!)

small colorful willow baskets

Katherine has been working hard the past couple of weeks to have a nice selection of work for the show. Expect to find these small colorful baskets as well as her usual display of willow garden baskets, shoppers, laundry baskets, wine baskets, and trays.

willow garden baskets

You can see a full list of the artists here. Hope to see you in Edmonds.


2 thoughts on “Edmonds Arts Festival

  1. Katherine, your baskets are so gorgeous. The colours of your willows are fantastic bright.
    What is the name of the dark, purplish one used in a few of the baskets? And the red one?
    I love the flower baskets and hope to one day be able to attend one of your courses.

  2. Lene,
    Katherine appreciates your comments. The red variety that she uses quite a bit of was only identified as salix sp.’red willow’ when we bought a plant maybe 18 years ago. There was a mail order nursery here in Washington that had an extensive selection of fruits, nuts, and homestead nursery stock that had a few willows. They went out of business ten years ago. It produces lovely withies for the baskets, but it is not the easiest to grow. I’ve never keyed out for the species. It grows a bit like ‘Harrison’s B’ which is also nice. Some of the purplish color in the small baskets could be S. daphnoides. Steaming the willow can also give a dark, blackish color. Katherine sometimes steams willow that has been soaked but is not quite ready.

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