Puyallup Fair Grand Champion

2010 Puyallup Fair Grand Champion basket

Katherine’s willow basket was selected Grand Champion of the 2010 Puyallup Fair in the professional basketry category of the home arts competitive exhibits. The Puyallup Fair (officially the Western Washington Fair) draws over a million visitors every year and is the largest attraction held annually in Washington State. This basket is titled “Harvesting the Skagit”. Katherine originally made this basket for an exhibit called “Paint Me a River!” which was staged by the Skagit Historical Museum last winter. Katherine is pleased to receive this award for the second year. She won the 2009 Grand Champion ribbon at the Fair for the basket “Nana Queen”.

2009 Puyallup Fiar Grand Champion basket


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  1. I recognize both baskets – and I love them both! I haven’t tried any of those techniques (yet), and especially the basket on the bottom photo I would love to be able to make.

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