Baskets on Flickr

round table baskets

One of my favorite websites is I enjoy posting and sharing photos of Katherine’s work and Dunbar Gardens. One of the nice features of Flickr are the group photo pools, and there are a few groups dedicated to basketry. I have posted quite a few photos in the group *Basket. This group invites all basketmakers, collectors and anyone with an interest in baskets and hand woven items to post their basketry related images. This group has a sister group called *Basket World which has an emphasis on Baskets at work around the world – “baskets in use, being worn, carried, burnt, thrown away, loved, stacked, sold, filled, emptied…”. Artist and photographer  Tim Johnson is the administrator of these two groups. Tim’s goal is to make the two pools as vibrant as possible to celebrate our craft.

There are other groups as well that I frequent that are of interest to basketmakers and weavers. Check out Handwoven, Coiled and Twined  Basketry, Traditional American Basketry, and  *String, Cordage, Binding, Bundles, Braiding & Wrapping. So sign up for Flickr and join in the fun!