sock basket

“I found your website some time ago and have heretofore exercised extreme restraint by not buying one of your baskets. But I’ve decided that life would be happier with one of the baskets. I am looking for a basket to hold a zillion pairs of silly socks which keep me entertained throughout the year. I’m wondering whether one of your oval laundry baskets with inset handles could be made with a separate lid.”, Alice e-mailed to Katherine.

sock basket

“Yes, I was thinking of a removable lid rather than a hinged one. I certainly don’t mind having a level top and having straight-ish sides are fine as well.”

sock basket with lid

“Even though I have promised myself that I will not buy any more socks (perhaps I’m a bit like Imelda Marcos – except with socks instead of shoes), would it be possible to make the height closer to your bassinette (12”) rather than my pile of socks (10”)?”

sock basket lid

“Finally – the socks are going to be in a single location. And I’m going to have a wonderful basket!”

sock basket inset handle

“I have your sock basket done, attached are a couple photos. I think it looks really great! Katherine”